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Siasard near Borujen

Siasard near Borujen

Akbar Kayvani 2004

Borujen is the roof of Iran, sometimes especially in the winter its temperature reaches to -25 celsius, although it is cool enough in the summer. So you must go there in the summer. Siahsard Spring, Choghakhor Lake, and Sabz-e kooh Mountains are of great imporance for new tourists. It is well known because of its scienists, and people's intelligence; The President Khatami have called this city "Small Greece". Gaz is a good gift taken from this city by tourists. It is a nice sweet .

Siasard is a very nice Tourist area right outside edge of Borujen that is extremly nice especilly in summer that thousands of people from all over Iran visit there daily mostly on weekend, and enjoye the breath taking beauty of site, and fresh air. This area is suronded one side by mountain, and there are two spring of fresh drinking water flowing in two spot and join toghther, and goes to big pool. Then water run from pool ran as stream down to many Fruit and flower garden down the stream. Families picnic on manny man made flat bed seating area under huge oak, and other kind of threes that been there for houndred of years.


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