Beaches in Iran

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Iran beaches provide a wide variety of beaches for travelers to enjoy. Different moods and experiences make up the shores in Iran along the Caspian Sea with mild weather. Southern areas of Iran beaches bring the experience of moderate weather that is often pleasant. Iran’s coastline along the Persian Gulf offers views that are mountainous while some have sand and swamp to explore.

Beaches of Kish Island

Coasting along Kish Island features exquisite turquoise waters in the Persian Gulf. See the aquatic plants and fish in these beautiful crystal clear waters. Known for being safe, the beach at Kish Island is the swimming and fishing hot spot of Iran. Walk along the sandy beach and experience the coral reefs in this area that enjoy sunny weather all throughout the year.

Activities at Kish Island include viewing the reefs through glass-bottomed boats and scuba diving. Motorboats are available for rent as well as water sport crafts.

Beaches along the Caspian Coast

Located along northern Iran, this largest land-locked lake within the world is known as the Caspian Sea. Along with the breathtaking scenery that roads to the Caspian Sea offer, the beaches are sandy and scenic. Tropical weather is prevalent in the summer months and offers mild winters. Resorts located along the beach provide an amazing getaway among Iran beaches.

Seaport in Chabahar

Southeastern Iran’s coastal areas along the Oman Sea feature the Chabahar seaport. Traveling to this area in the winter offers access to water sports along with recreation. Sunsets seen from the rocky area along the coast of Chabahar are magnificent. Swimming zones along the Oman Sea are safe. Enjoy water skiing, canoeing, scuba diving, and several other popular water sports in Chabahar.

Seaport in Bandar Abbas

Iran beaches along Bandar Abbas overlooking the Straight of Hormoz contain silky sand and wide beaches. Summer months offer hot and humid weather and winter brings pleasant weather in this region. Gentle sloping beaches of Bandar Abbas are frequented by children and provide nature’s safe playground. Hotels in this region of Iran have gardens for strolling, swimming pools and fields to play games along the beach.

Bushehr Province Beach

Bushehr province coastline feature sandy and rocky beaches. Water sports prevail along the coastlines with the sandy shores. Enjoy the scenery this region offers close to major cities within Iran. Seeing limestone that makes up the rocky shores provides natural beauty to experience in this region while traveling to Bushehr. Winter season attracts the most tourists.

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