When to Go in Cyprus

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Here is a brief Cyprus when to go guide to help tourists plan a visit to this Mediterranean island.

Summer Months

Cyprus has an intense Mediterranean climate with hot summer months from June to September. Temperatures at this time rise very fast to make the island a paradise for sun lovers. This is the time that Cyprus gets crowded the most. In fact, it is the month of August that sees the most number of tourists on the island. Beaches and restaurants are always crowded with not just tourists but with locals as well. The good thing is that the island is prepared for these high temperatures and all hotels are fitted with air conditioners. The bad news is that the unavailability rates for accommodations shoot up, so budget travelers should avoid coming here during summer.

Fall Months

The fall months in Cyprus are from October to November and this is when leaves start to change color. Evenings are cooler and Cyprus’ vineyards start to become crimson and gold. This season also brings with it the yearly Kypria festival where international and local dramatic and musical performances take place all over the island. The waters are still pleasant enough to swim during the fall months. However, the island starts to get slightly cold towards the end of November.

Winter Months

Winter months for Cyprus are from December to January and usually bring some rain as well. However, there is an average of bright sunshine for about 6 hours daily. Unlike many other smaller Mediterranean destinations, Cyprus stays open during this time, but it is least crowded during winter. Tourists visiting at this time will still find a number of interesting activities. Agia Napa hosts the Cultural Winter event that includes folkloric and modern dances and classical music concerts. The Troodos usually get some snow during the winter season, so tourists can go skiing on Mount Olympus from January to March.

Spring Months

Cyprus starts to get warm in January and the first orchids start to bloom at this time. By the middle of February, trees start to bloom and meadows start becoming green. Days are still cool in March with daytime temperatures staying at about 19 degrees. Visiting Cyprus during early spring is simply wonderful as most of the ancient ruins are decorated with different wild flowers like red anemones and daytime temperatures are pleasant. Spring is at its best in April and May, making the island a great place for off-road adventures and nature hikes.

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