Sights in Troodos mountains

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Learn about different Troodos Mountain Sights that make this mountain range in Troodos, Cyprus, one of the most acclaimed hiking sites in the world.

Troodos is the biggest mountain range in central Cyprus. It includes the Mount Olympus, which is its highest peak at 1,952 meters. It depends on its copper mining industry. There is an abundance of mountain resorts here that are perfect for vacationers. Here are the sights and tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss when you plan your Troodos vacation:

Troodos Square

The Troodos square is the small collection of stores and mountain resorts in the Troodos mountain range itself. During summer, you can easily reach this area by car. Come winter, a 4x4 vehicle is a must because during heavy snowfall, it is actually illegal to use a 2x4 around the slopes. Here, you can gaze at the beautiful overlooking view and the relaxing landscape. During night time, take pictures of the beautiful skyline.  This is a perfect attraction for skiing and hiking enthusiasts.

Monastery of Kykkos

Being the wealthiest and the most famous monastery in Cyprus, the Holy, Royal and Stavropegic Monastery of Kykkos is must for those who are looking for extraordinary architectural structures around. The origin and the colorful history of this monastery are often shrouded by folklore and old stories. Nevertheless, the best features of this tourist attraction are its pristine brick walls and intricate arches and columns. This place will surely excite vacationers who are fans of classic architecture and fine arts.

4 Main Hiking Trails

The Kykoss Mountain, being a hiker’s paradise, offers four major trails. You can choose which trail suits you best depending on what you want to see, your ideal hike length, and the difficulty level of the hike.  For beginners, try the Artemis trail with its smooth and easy-to-follow paths. If you want to pass along several streams, go for the Kaledonia (Caledonia) Trail, which is still a relatively easy hike. For experienced hikers, the Atlante and Persephone trails are for you. All of these trails feature breathtalking views and relaxing landscapes.

Caledonia Falls

This 15 meter tall, natural waterfall is the highest one in Cyprus. To get here, you should take the Caledonia hiking trail and walk for 30-45 minutes. This Troodos Mountains sight is well worth the walking, and the serene environment around the waterfalls is a perfect site for a nice picnic.

With all of these Troodos Mountain sights, your skiing or hiking trip will be an exciting vacation to remember. It will be an ideal family trip that will get you closer to nature.

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Kykkos Monastery Museum

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Northeast of Troodos mountains, 1318 m above NN and surrounded by cedar forests you will find the Kykkos monastery, one of the best preserved (and renovated) monastery complexes of Cyprus. It hosts a museum with a vast collection of magnificent antiquities, items of art and treasures of the museum reveal the history of Cyprus. Constructed on modern technical specifications with rich interior decoration, the monastery is a piece of art itself.

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