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The Troodos Mountains Travel Guide will open up a whole new world for you. The guide below will help you understand the region and its offerings. Troodos Mountains are located in the heart of Cyprus, the island nation. Walker's Paradise is what the locals call the Troodos Mountain due to the various trails and sights found here. Read on to find out more about this destination in the Middle East.

Getting There

To get to the Troodos Mountains you need to first reach Cyprus. There are flights from Amsterdam, Athens, Frankfurt, Paris, Stockholm, London and Cyprus. Airlines like Air Berlin, Lufthansa, Gulf Air, British Airways and the likes fly in to the International Airport in Cyprus. From the airport you have an option to either take the local bus service or hire a car to reach Troodos Mountains. It will take you an hour to drive from the International airport to Troodos Mountain.

When to Go

The Troodos Mountain is a year round destination in Cyprus. Throughout the year the Mountains have a sunny and dry climate. But it would be good to avoid traveling to this region during the months of November to March, as the area receives rainfall and the trails become a bit difficult to walk on.

Things to Do

People from all around the world visit the Troodos Mountain in Cyprus to embark on a memorable hiking expedition. There are several trails available in Troodos but the most prominent ones are the Atalante trail, Persephone trail and the Kalidonia trail. You can witness the majestic views from the peak of the mountain, explore the Chromium mine, and maneuver through the pine forest on these trails.


As this is one of the highly sought after and visited destinations in Cyprus there are several options available as far as accommodation is concerned. You can choose from the villas, hotels, hostels and camp sites in this area. From luxury to budget class accommodation, this place has it all. The Livadhia is a famous guest house located on the Makarios Avenue in the Lemesos area close to Troodos Mountain.


There are several restaurants to choose from in the Troodos Mountain area. Most of the restaurants offer a breathtaking view of the mountains and the surrounding area. The restaurants are known to serve both local as well as international cuisines. Neraida is a restaurant that is located right next to a stream and waterfall. It offers great food at economical rates.


The Troodos mountains are located in the center of the Greek part of the islands. They are covering most of the central mass of Cyprus and their green slopes, dotted with tiny villages, the forest paths, the cool weather and, last but not least, the ancient monasteries, attract many people to leave the beach areas of Cyprus and to discover this beuatyful and still wild landscape. The locals are very proud of their cultural heritage: some of the monasteries date back to the Byzantine period. People here are very hospitable and friendly. All in all is a very beautiful region, with great hiking and walking opportunities. The main highlight is the Kykkos monastery, that dates back to the 11-th century.  troodos highest peak is Mount Olympus at 1,952 metres and also Troodos mountain range stretches across most of the western side of Cyprus.

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