Top 5 Must Do's in Cyprus

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One must always prepare a Cyprus Must Do's list when visiting this island, as it is packed with all the good things in life, including enough history to keep the most enthusiastic of history buffs busy for a very long time. When making a Cyprus must do's list, consider the attractions you would like to see or possibly participate in. Where will you stay, where and what will you eat, and how will you pay for it? On the must do list, you should consider museums of interest, history, shopping, and beaches.

Visit Panagia Phaneromeni Church
If you visit this city, then you should definitely visit the church. Around 1872, the Panagia Phaneromeni church was built on remains that dated back to the 1300's. The church received a new bell tower and a bell that was shipped from England around 1941. You can learn the fascinating history of the nuns for which the church was named.

Be adventurous at Tomb of the Kings

The Tomb of the Kings is a must-do adventure for sure. Burial caves carved into bedrock and decorated with Doric columns and capitals date back to the 4th century B.C.E. You can explore these ancient tombs at your leisure, venturing into the various rooms and absorbing their history as you go.

Learn New Things at Cyprus Museum

With a history as rich as Cyprus's, it is hard to decide which museum is actually a must-see, but the Cyprus Museum is one that certainly cannot wait till the next trip. The museum, which was built in 1908, is an archeological delight, with a marble sculpture of Aphrodite as well as an 11th-century B.C.E. gold scepter. It is considered to be the best archaeological museum on the Island.

Spend Time Shopping

Ledra Street is where you will find jewelry shops, local fabric merchants, and footwear. You can also enjoy the festivities of the market, which makes this Arabic Bazaar a day full of bartering, deal-making and fun, with treasures for all to be found.

Enjoy Watersports at Beaches

Of course, the traveler would be remiss if they ended their holiday without visiting McKenzie Beach, located just five minutes away from town. It is easily accessible by car or bus. When you get there, you are rewarded with a day full of sun, surf and sand.  Scuba diving is a popular attraction at McKenzie Beach as are many other water and beach activities.

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