Senior Travel in Cyprus

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Here is a Cyprus senior travel guide that will help senior travelers make the most of their vacation on this beautiful Mediterranean island.

Getting Around

For one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Middle East, public transport in Cyprus is quite disappointing. The island has a bus service whose frequency is not satisfactory. Older tourists should avoid traveling by bus as much as possible. Shared taxi is a good way to travel all over the island. Taxis can be booked to pick you up and drop you off wherever you want, but within city limits. While this is comfortable, it can take very long to travel from one place to another. Car rental is probably the most comfortable way for senior travelers to move around in Cyprus. However, this mode of transport can be expensive. Tourists should remember that Cypriots drive on the left and driving standards are not very good.


As millions of tourists flock to Cyprus every year, the island offers numerous hotels, resorts and hotel apartments of different degrees of comfort and luxury. Tourists can choose from 2-star hotels that offer basic comforts to 5-star hotels that offer luxurious suites. Some of the most popular hotels in Cyprus include Hilton, Le Meridien, Four Seasons, Elias Beach Hotel and Holiday Inn. Older travelers can also choose self catering accommodation in beautiful villages all over the island.

Places to Visit

Cyprus has numerous historical and archaeological attractions that older tourists will like to visit. These date back from the Stone Age to the Roman Empire. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Cyprus is the Tombs of the Kings. Located in Paphos, these tombs are carved from solid rock and feature frescoed walls and Doric pillars. The Mosaics of Paphos, Acropolis and Catacombs are other attractions in Paphos that are worth visiting. Limassol has a number of museums that senior travelers can visit. Besides these, there are other places like the Old City Walls, Ancient Kition City, Stavrovouni Monastery, Lefrkara and many other places to visit in Cyprus. For something more relaxing, senior tourists can simply spend a day sunbathing or taking a dip at one of the beautiful beaches in Cyprus.

Eating Out

Tourists will find numerous restaurants and bars all over the island that serve a wonderful Mediterranean cuisine. Food here is a fusion of fresh ingredients, a small amount of olive oil and a pungent mix of spices and herbs. Senior travelers who prefer to avoid the local cuisine can find a few restaurants that serve international cuisines on the island. However, don’t forget to sample the local wine and Zivania, a spirit based, strong local alcoholic drink.

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