When to Go in Paphos

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Paphos sports a year round sultry climate that is especially remarkable during the warm summers when the weather is pleasant and the golden beaches glow at their radiant best. Here is a guide to the best time to visit the striking Cyprian city and enjoy its tropical beauty.

The Weather

Paphos is touted to have the longest summer in the region, underlined by a pleasantly warm and dry climate from the months of April to October. The warmest month in the city is August when the temperature soars to approximately 90 degrees. Rainfall is almost nil during summers, making the humidity factor negligible. The best time to make a trip to the city is undoubtedly during summers and especially during the early summer months of May and June. The beach hotspot is not very crowded during these months of early fall and late spring as hordes of visitors generally visit the city in the latter parts of the summer season during September and October.

Avoid visiting Paphos during the rainy winter months of December and January, when the town witnesses torrential rain and makes it nearly impossible for visitors to venture outdoors. During winters the temperature fluctuates between fifty degrees to sixty degrees in the day and plunges even more in the night. The tropical beach weather of Paphos is best enjoyed in the early summer months when the warm and clear skies provide a perfect backdrop for enjoyable sunbathing and sightseeing sessions.

Limassol Carnival

The annual Limassol Carnival (held in February) is the region’s answer to Mardi Gras and one of the most spectacular and well-attended carnivals in the country. Though the actual carnival festivities and parade take place a few kilometers away from the main Paphos town center, the event is celebrated with great gusto by locals and tourists inhabiting the city.

Summer Concerts

There are a series of summer concerts that take place in July every year with the highlight of the performances being the Concert for Youth that has a breed of talented youngsters showcasing their inspiring and ingenious skills in the arena of music and performing arts. There is also an annual Aphrodite Festival for theater aficionados, held in September at the Castle Square. The event witnesses some of the finest histrionics and theatrical talent in the region and brings an array of performances belonging to varied genres for theater-buffs.

Paphos Marathon

This is the single largest annual marathon event held in March every year and is an enjoyable community sports celebration that reinforces the spirit of sportsmanship and high-action, split second winning.

Paphos is a nice visit during its lovely summers and performing arts events when the city transforms into a hub for some of the most spectacular displays of talent.

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