Top 5 Must Do's in Paphos

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Paphos is a land boasting of a glorious past and a well-preserved antediluvian identity that radiates in the form of its ancient tombs, castles, palaces, museums, villages and vintage theaters. Here are the some must do’s when in this charming heritage town.

Paphos Archeological Park and Royal Tombs

This classic destination is a vast storehouse of the historical masterpieces of Paphos. There are five remarkable roman villas displaying some the most exquisite pieces of geometrical and mythological mosaic art. The rare mosaic decoration patterns including the famous "Archilles Birth" and "Theseus Killing Minotaur" depictions accentuate the vintage beauty of the roman houses and wind back to the 3 rd century era. Watch the intricate geometric mosaics at the House of Theseus. Simply superb. Another must visit inclusion in your heritage sites itinerary is "The Tombs of the Kings" that was constructed in the 4 th century BC and sports imposing Doric style pillars and tombs carved ingeniously out of rock. The skillfully engraved stone pieces epitomize the artistic genius of the region’s erstwhile architects.

Medieval Castle

Make a trip to the breathtakingly beautiful medieval castle of Paphos that overlooks the town harbor strip. The ruins and fortifications of the monument illustrate several accounts of the region’s struggle for freedom and an independent identity. The vista of the world passing by on the busy promenade and harbor is worth experiencing from the lofty castle.    

Catch a Live Performance at Odeon Theater

Watch a live musical, dance recital or theatrical production at the timeless and classic Greek amphitheater built to celebrate the rich performing arts culture and artistic heritage of the region way back in 2 nd century AD.

Troodos Mountains Safari

Hire a four-wheeler for an exciting safari through the daunting and mysterious paths of the dramatic Troodos Mountains. The hilly plains of the region are interspersed with ancient churches and monasteries along with archeological ruins, monuments and pretty, tiny hamlets.

Take a Sea Cruise

Take an enjoyable sea cruise to explore the coastal beauty of Paphos through the scenic sea route from Paphos Harbor to Coral Bay. There are sunset cruises and catamaran cruises and even pirate themed cruise excursions for a delightful outing in the midst of Cyprus’ azure waters.

Cyprus is a picturesque montage of ancient architectural marvels and natural beauty and has a potpourri of interesting things to do and places to see.

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Craig Kemp

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Eat a Village Meze, I recomment the Melitzia Tavern in Tala Paphos. 15mins by car from the tourist area. Amazing views from up on the hill overlooking Paphos.

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