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Paphos’ strong historical character and ancient appeal marked by several heritage sites, museums, old caves, striking tombs and castles make this one of the most preferred destination for senior travel. Here are some fantastic ideas for senior travelers to make the most of their trip to this illustrious Cyprian region.

The Museums of Paphos

Given its reputation of being a dominant hub of anthropology and history, it comes as little surprise that Paphos is filled with museums for visitors to feast their eyes on memorabilia that has silhouetted the history of the land. Visit the celebrated Paphos Archeological Museum that showcases hundreds of masterpieces and artifacts dating back from the Neolithic era to the late 18 th century. Some artifacts are discoveries of local excavations while a few relics are tombstones and marble statues of Askepios and Aphrodite. The Byzantine Museum exhibits some of the rarest pieces of religious artifacts including the celebrated Virgin Eleousa icon. The fascinating Ethnographic Museum chronicles thousands of items from the history, folk art, music, literature, fine arts and archeology of Paphos. The private collection is showcased at the residence of the collector, George Eliades on Exo Vrvsi Street.   

The Celebrated Mosaics

Senior travelers will enjoy glimpses of the stunning ancient mosaic collection of Paphos. The mosaics are nestled within the confines of five historical homes located inside the Paphos Archeological Park. The Roman period homes are replete with rich tales and impeccably preserved mosaic embellishments along with several mythical icons going back to the 2 nd century AD. The ingenious geometric mosaic patterns are also worth witnessing for their craftsmanship. The house of Four Seasons and House of Orpheus has a vast assortment of mythological mosaics. The house of Dionysos and House of Theseus are beautiful relics of Roman villas.


This vintage Greek amphitheater is very popular amongst senior travelers for its classic appeal and the array of musical concerts and theatrical performances held here.

Paphos Fort

The historical landmark located at the foot of the marina traces the colorful history and culture of the land and was used as a prison in the days of the region’s struggle for independence. There have been several restoration programs to preserve the glory of this significant monument. The attraction is open daily until 6pm in summers.  

Moving around the City

While most travelers explore the tiny town of Paphos on foot, the best way for senior travelers to move around the city is to hire a vehicle and go driving through the hilly paths, archeological ruins and picturesque villages of the region. Avoid taking the packed local buses and try to plan your trip from October to December or from March to May when the climate is pleasant and paves way for less strenuous and tiring sightseeing sessions.  

Paphos is a striking kaleidoscope of culture and history and wears its powerful vintage appeal on its sleeve to attract senior travelers keen on a heritage holiday.

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