Museums in Paphos

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Paphos, is symbolic of the rich Cypriot history that this land stands for. Visiting the many museums at Paphos is a rich experience. The best way to relish a trip to Paphos is to visit the many museums situated there, each adding and complementing each other to complete the vast historical fabric. 

The Archeological Museum

The attractive collection of Cypriot antiquities found at the Archeological Museum is overwhelming. From historical relics dating back to Neolithic period, to terracotta figurines, coins, old pieces of jewelery, and even ancient Roman artifacts makes the visit worth the effort.

The Ethnographical Museum

The Ethnographical Museum captures the ethnographic progress of the Cypriot cultures through the centuries. Traditional costumes, the Chalcolithic axe heads, and the Hellenistic tomb cut from rock outside in the garden are all captivating. The ethnographical museum is a privately owned and managed centre.

The Steni Museum of Village Life

The Steni Museum of Village Life presents a realistic exhibition of the past traditional lifestyle of the Cypriots, from the early 19 th century to the present day. Its exhibits have lovingly preserved the history of the village and the harsh life of its past residents.

The Agios Georgios Museum

The Agios Georgios Museum is located at the very spot where the sailing ship ‘Agios Georgios’ arrived in 1954, carrying with it a substantial cargo of weaponry to begin the uprising to overthrow the British colonial rule. This museum celebrates the cultural history of Cypriot.

All in all, enjoy a timeless experience amidst the beautiful museums of Cypriot.

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