Festivals in Paphos

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Paphos festivals feature some of the most enjoyable times of the year to visit Cyprus. The history and beliefs of the local people can be seen throughout the festivals at many times of the year. Seasonal festivals in Paphos offer carnivals for springtime, festivals of flowers, concerts in the open air, and many other events.

Limassol Carnival

February brings about this popular event and many tourists come to Paphos to see it. If you have ever been to Mardi Gras, this is the comparable festival. The festival lasts for about 11 days and features many types of entertainment. There are costume competitions, parades for children, lots of food, live music outdoors, and sports events.

EU Accession Day

In May the EU Accession Day is one day that is celebrated with a lot of partying. The day is celebrated by parties in the Paphos area and tourists are able to learn a lot of the culture by the events that take place around Paphos on this day.

Paphos Flower Festival

The flower festival in May celebrates spring in Cyprus. There are parades of floats adorned with flowers along Poseidon Avenue. People also carry fresh, beautiful flowers and travel to the old harbor, known as Kato Paphos. Feasts and other traditions are presented during this time of celebration.

Koumandaria Festival

Koumandaria Festival celebrates the most famous wine throughout this festival. The wine was created to copy the ancient style of wine available within Cyprus around 800 B.C. Many believe that this wine is the oldest in the world that is still produced today. The communities within the area produce the festival to celebrate the wine.

Paphos Aphrodite Festival

If you are a fan of opera, you will not want to miss this festival held annually in Paphos. Many well-liked and famous opera troupes have performed at this festival in previous years. The tradition is still held with well-known opera troupes today. The performance is carried out at the medieval castle of Paphos outdoors in September and is said to be the most popular festival for the region.

Dionysia Festival

During the summer months in Stroumbi, a village located within Paphos, the festival for Dionysis takes place. Dionysis, the Greek god of wine, is honored with the wines on the island. There are exhibits for wine, dances featuring the traditional Cypriot dances, songs, arts, games, crafts, fruit and many displays of flowers. Grapes and jelly are offered complimentary throughout the festival.

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