Day Trips in Paphos

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A Church in Paphos

A Church in Paphos

The Cyprian Capital, Paphos has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is draped with ancient sites, bustling harbors, dreamlike castles and a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape. The Paphos Day Trip guide helps to discover the tourist gems of this versatile town.

Historical Indulgences

Make a trip to the Baths of Aphrodite to drench in the beauty of the ancient Greek culture. The heritage murky waters, though not very clean, are great to view the workmanship and lifestyle of an erstwhile civilization. Aphrodite (Greek goddess of beauty) is believed to have bathed here with her paramours and a famous legend going around the place is that a little water of the bath on your face is the secret to everlasting youth and beauty. Well, no harm in taking a shot. Also worth including in the trip are the Byzantine churches splashed all over the town.

Visitors wanting to savor a natural treasure hunt experience can take a fascinating day trip to the Tombs of the Kings that are located beneath ground surface and are created with rock and ancient monument like patterns. Get a monarchical feel with the exquisite craftsmanship of the Roman and Hellenistic age, never mind the fact that the inappropriately titled monument doesn’t have any kings buried within its confines. These are actually the tombs of high raking personnel of the royal palace. Plenty of paths, sites and tombs to explore. 

Visit Kato Pafos Archeological Park, a spectacular pastiche of Roman and Greek culture. The Roman Villa nestled within the park is worth wandering into for its fantastic artistic detailing and ancient motifs. The Dionysos monument is a treasure chest of Greek civilization and mythology and displays simply stunning visual imagery of the 3rd century through its mosaic floors. The park has several other edifices and exhibition sections that are worth discovering for the sheer joy of archeological exploration.

Adventure Beckons                                                                                

The best way to gauge the adventurous spirit of Paphos is to take the Aphrodite’s Nature Trail, a mile long walk that takes you through the rugged paths and a section of the town woods while thrillingly culminating at Pathos’ coastline to provide a generously panoramic view of the luscious beaches of Paphos. Alternatively visitors can also hire private vehicles and make day sightseeing trips to Northern Cyprus.

Paphos is a heritage casket and a natural stunner that welcomes its visitors with open arms and willingly lets them discover its rich civilization and cultural grandeur.   

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