7 Day Itinerary in Paphos

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Paphos is a fascinating town that resonates with a deep-rooted and eclectic cultural heritage. Its ancient identity is underlined by the several adroitly built monuments, old ruins, classic villas, castles and an array stone structures and landmark archeological sites. Here is a carefully planned 7 day itinerary to make the most of your trip to Paphos.

Day 1- Troodos Mountains

Visit the spectacular Troodos Mountains that tower over the coastal strip of Paphos. Travelers can navigate the rugged and mysterious paths of the hilly terrain on foot or hire a vehicle for an exciting ride through the intimidating trail. Watch vintage churches, old monasteries and other religious monuments along with panoramic village settlements along the way.

Day 2- Heritage Sightseeing

Visit the archeological Park that showcases five houses filled with stunning mosaic patterns belonging to the 3 rd century AD era. The next destination is ‘Tombs of the Kings’ heritage site where visitors can view artistically engraved stone pieces, rock-carved tombs and mammoth Doric pillars.

Day 3 – Medieval Castle

Head to the illustrious Medieval Castle nestled at the tip of the old town harbor. The walls and ancient relics of the monument sketch an intriguing portrait of the land’s historical struggle for independence. After maneuvering through the caste ruins, stroll though the harbor and busy promenade just below it. 

Day 4 – Paphos Archeological Park

Visit Paphos Park, a significant historical hub housing five extraordinary roman villas showcasing fine examples of mythological and geometrical mosaics. Proceed for a sunset cruise from Paphos Harbor to Coral Bay and celebrate the coastal beauty of the region.

Day 5 - Museums

Visit the museums of Paphos for witnessing a superb collection of memorabilia dating back to the glorious historical era of the region. Start with the Paphos Archeological Museum housing artifacts belonging to the Neolithic Age. Move to the Byzantine Museum that plays homage to the religious artifacts of the ancient Byzantine culture. The private collection of George Eliades is also worth seeing for the sheer array of items from the art, history, culture and literature of the region.

Day 6- Go Diving

Go diving with Cydive or ABC, the most celebrated diving schools in the region. There are diving sessions for novices and proficient divers with two boat dives a day. Visitors can also plan a trip to the Akamas and Wreck of Zenobia. Located on the Pafos seafront, the diving schools provide all equipment on hire.

Day 7- Horse Riding

Enjoy a delightful riding session at George’s Ranch through the alluring countryside nestled in the Sea Caves quarter. The sessions are replete with nice riding hats and amiable guides who help you get acquainted with the history and culture of Paphos. This is a great sightseeing idea for families and large groups.

Paphos is a never ending odyssey of cultural discovery and historical magnificence and is blessed with several remarkable sites and monuments.

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