Top 5 Must Do's in Nicosia

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The Nicosia Must-Do’s include visiting museums, shopping and going to the spa. The city of Nicosia, also as Lefkosia, is the capital of Cyrus. 

1. Cyprus Museum

The Cyprus Museum is located in Nicosia, and gives a wonderful history of the country.  This museum specializes in the antiquity of the Cyprus. There are artifacts on display from the beginning of the 9th century B.C.E to the middle ages. This museum was originally founded by the British government in the 19th century. Both the Christian and Muslim leaders at the time helped design the museum in response to the illegal looting.

2. National Struggle Museum

The National Struggle Museum highlights the independence movements in Cyprus.  The curators have managed to put a positive spin on all the movements, both popular and controversial. Visitors to the museum will items from 1955-1959 liberation movement and 1974 Turkish invasion. For people interested in Cyprus’s struggle for independence, this museum is a great place to come. Visitors will find the museum in the Old Archbishopric.  

3. Shopping

Visitors to Nicosia cannot leave the city without visiting Ledra Street to shop.  This street is the traditional shopping district of the city. Shoppers will find a variety of items to bring home. This can include jewelry, shoes and clothing. Visitors comment of the street’s mixture of European and Middle Eastern style. In the ancient neighborhood of Laiki Geitonia in Ledra Street, people will love the tourist stands. For people looking for a touristy atmosphere and the anticipated haggling, this street is for them. For more modern shopping people can try Makarios Street or Stasikratous which have been compared to 5th Ave in New York. 

4. Spa

The Hamam Omerye Spa is the most popular spa in Nicosia. This spa blends the modern with the traditional. For instance people coming to the Haman Omerye would be able to enjoy a traditional Turkish bath. They can also enjoy a massage, facial and other spa activities. The spa itself was founded in the 15th century and has been operational since then. The building itself has maintained since the 14th century. People can get beautiful and brainy on the same day.

5. Famagusta Gate

A modern theater, the Famagusta Gate was one of the original 3 gates to the city. People coming to the Nicosia should take the time to go and see the Famagusta. The area was turned into a cultural center, and visitors can now see a show or check the latest exhibition in this area.  

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