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Nicosia, also known as Lefkosia, is the capital of Cyprus. It is located virtually in the center of the island country and is situated on the river Pedieos. Nicosia's museums are dedicated to the lengthy history of the small island and contain fairly specialized collections. As a capital city, the museums are numerous.

Byzantine Museum

Perhaps the most well-known of Nicosia's museums, the Byzantine Museum, is located in the Archbishop's Palace and is part of the Archbishop Makarios Cultural Foundation. The museum is dedicated to religious icons from the ninth to 18th centuries. The museum also contains an art gallery with primarily 19th century works that were purchased by the Archbishop. The museum is closed on Sundays.

Folk Art Museum

Nicosia's Folk Art Museum features local arts from the 19th and 20th centuries, including tapestries, ceramics, jewelry, and costumes. It is located in the Old Bishopric and is closed to visitors on Sundays.

Cyprus Museum

The Cyprus Museum was created to display artifacts found on the island. The museum is organized chronologically, with the first hall dating back nearly 8,500 years. The most recent items on display date back to the Byzantine era. The basement of the museum contains the recreation of several graves and skeletal remains. The museum is located across from the municipal gardens.

Leventis Municipal Museum

This museum is dedicated to the way of life of the Nicosian people. Located in Laiki Yitonia, the museum's collection of artifacts has been donated by local residents. The area around the museum pays tribute to the construction of the old city.

Cyprus Jewelry Museum

Also located in Laiki Yitonia is a museum dedicated to the local history of jewelry from the 19th century to the present. Laiki Yitonia is an area known for local artisans and crafts for sale.

National Struggle Museum

This unique space showcases items such as photographs and letters from Nicosia's struggle against British rule during the mid-1950s.

Greek Independence War Gallery

Similar to the National Struggle Museum, the Greek Independence War Gallery displays items from the War of 1821.

Old City Walls

Although it is not a museum, the Nicosia's old stone walls are considered an important historical artifact. The walls date to the mid-1500s and are several meters thick. There used to be 3 gates marking the entrance to the city. One gate, called the Famagusta Gate, has been restored and is currently the site of a cultural center.

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