Budget Travel Ideas in Nicosia

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Travel through Cyprus can be anything from top end expensive to backpacker cheap. It all depends on the time of year you decide to travel and what you are willing to call accommodation. Visiting Nicosia brings several travel bargains that travelers don't realize. With a little research, visitors can save a bundle with Nicosia Budget Travel.


Visitors will find that Nicosia is cheaper than the rest of Cyprus on the whole. There is one distinct reason for this, no beach. Nicosia is located in the center of the country making it Cyprus's inland capital. The lack of crystal clear waters leaves Nicosia off of most major tourist paths so prices are lower to attract who it can. Despite the disadvantaged location, Nicosia is worth seeing. In addition to low prices, the crowds will be smaller. There are also some excellent historical sites near Nicosia that are worth seeing.

Budget Accommodations

The best place to find budget accommodation in Nicosia is in the old town, also called Lefkosia. Three main establishments are highly recommended for their hospitality, charm and extreme cleanliness. Tony's Bed and Breakfast, The Delphi Hotel and the Seslikaya hotel are all great places to stay for a very low price. The rooms are basic and in the case of Tony's Bed and Breakfast quite small. However, air conditioning is available in addition to small fridges, microwaves, TVs and coffee makers. Prices vary greatly according to the time of year but some rooms start as low as 20 euros per night.

Budget Restaurants

Nicosia offers several places to eat for not a lot of money. Il Forno Italian restaurant offers several lunch specials ranging from 4 to 9 dollars. Heading to the northern part of the city will offer several other budget options. North Nicosia hasn't quite started catering to the tourist trade so Turkish taverns and kebab bars are the most popular choices. Slowly, the more touristy chains are starting to filter in but expect to pay tourist prices. Some good advice is to fill up at lunch time. Mediterranean countries consider lunch the most important meal of the day so the meals will be large with several lunch time discounts being offered. Cypriot taverns also offer a meze meal which allows visitors to sample smaller portions of different dinners.

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