Beaches in Nicosia

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Cyprus is a beautiful and friendly country, with gorgeous landscapes and beautiful beaches to take advantage of. The entire island of Cyprus is only 50 miles wide so traveling to the cities and enjoying many of the Nicosia Beaches can easily be accomplished in a single day.

When t o Go

The weather in Nicosia and throughout Cyprus is quite mild throughout the year. The summer season kicks off a bit earlier than the countries in the northern part of Europe. Temperatures rise to sunbathing and swimming levels as early as April and quickly break the 80 to 90 degree mark by June. Temperatures stay relatively warm through September and even into October. Visitors that come to Nicosia specifically for a beach holiday will have several months to choose from.

Nicosia Sites

Nicosia is the inland capital of Cyprus. Although not a beach destination in itself the city offers plenty of historical and cultural things to do. The many mosques, churches and city walls allow the visitor to step back into the history of the country and gain a feel for what life was like centuries ago. Due to the relatively small size of Cyprus, it is possible to spend a day at one of the many beach cities and return to Nicosia for the late afternoon and early evening to experience the fantastic nightlife.

Larnaca Beaches

Nicosia has no beaches of its own being located in the center of the country. This does provide a few advantages especially for the budget traveler. Nicosia isn't on many of the main Cyprus holiday paths so prices at hotels, restaurants and clubs is going to be far less than in many of the coastal, resort towns. Nicosia being centrally located allows for easy access to cities such as Larnaca that have several blue flag beaches with complete facilities. Larnaca is the closest of the beach cities with a driving time of under an hour.

Other Cyprus Beaches

Although Larnaca is the closest beach city, the cities of Paphos and Lemesos are also within an hours driving distance of Nicosia. Both cities offer immaculately kept beaches with changing facilities, restaurants and toilets. It is easy to spend a day at one of these fine resort towns and make it back to Nicosia for dinner.

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