Bars and Cafes in Nicosia

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One of the great ancient cities, Nicosia is praised for its nightlife with something for everyone. Here is some insight into Nicosia bars and cafes.

Mondo's Cafe

Located on Makarios Avenue in the heart of the city, Mondo's Cafe serves a large selection of wines and dishes. This is a fantastic place for people watching. A large outdoor seating area, surrounded by a glass wall and the indoor bar area, make this one of the largest cafes in the city, as well as one of the most popular places in Nicosia. However, the food and drinks at Mondo's Cafe is on the expensive side.

Basinsen Cafe

This hookah cafe is a great place to mingle with friends. Located behind the Arabahment Cultural Center, Basinsen Cafe offers a casual atmosphere and a variety of live music from rock to folk to ethnic. Although it doesn't get overly crowded until after midnight, if you want to get a table or have a seat, you'll want to arrive by 11:00 pm.


An Arabic themed environment, this property is separated into 3 unique sections: beer garden, lower bar where you can listen to live rock music and a main section with games. Octana serves appetizers, varied dishes and a smorgasbord of drinks.

Babylon Bar

If you are in the mood for rock music, this is the place for you. Babylon Bar serves a large variety of beer in a casual environment. The beer garden is where most of the customers gravitate. A little more pricey than some of the other bars in Nicosia, it gets crowded early.


This bar offers something different every night of the week. For example, Wednesday is Latin night at Nostalji, complete with Latin music, dancing and tapas. The bar is open from 11:00 pm to 3:00 am.

Plato's Bar

Located in the center of Nicosia, Plato's Bar is a unique sort of place. There is a strict dress code, especially applicable for men. Once inside you will have your choice of a large selection of beers, wine, liquor and cigars. You will want to get there early if you hope to get a table, because it becomes standing room only after 11:30 pm.

Da Capo Cafe

A great place to meet with friends, Da Capo Cafe serves a variety of coffees as well as food. The cafe has Wi-Fi Internet access for customers who want to take their laptops and spend the afternoon surfing the net.

Pralina Cafe

There is only one word to describe this place: Chocolate. Chocolate is the center of attraction at Pralina Cafe. Located in Nicosia's main shopping district, Pralina serves a variety of dishes and coffees.

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