Getting There in Limassol

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By sea:

Limassol is the main seaport of Cyprus. Several shipping lines reach the city from Italy, Greece and Israel. The new harbour is in the southern part out of the town. No.1 buses and the normal taxi services connect the new harbour with the town centre.

Over land:


From all over the island you can reach Limassol by various bus lines. All buses stop at one of the three main bus stations. The KEMEK buses have their terminal at the Enoseos and Eirinis Street, north from the castle. They include the Nicosia (Levkosa) - Limassol line, the Pafos - Limassol ad the Polis - Pafos - Limassol lines.

For timetable and further information, call: 25 363 241

The Kallenos lines have their terminal at the corner of Araouzou and Hadjipavlou Streets. They travel to Larnaca and Agia Napa.

The third bus station is used by most urban buses and is on Andreas Themistokleou Street in the town centre. The urban bus network connects the centre of Limassol with its suburbs and periphery.


Limassol is also connected to the major island towns by a network of shared-taxi lines. They are faster and more frequent but twice as expensive as the buses.

The shared-taxis have their terminal at 49 Spyrou Araouzou Street (Kypros Co, Tel: (05) 363 979) or at 21 Thessaloniki Street (Karydas and Kyriakos Co´s, Tel: (05) 362 061)


In the bigger cities of the island you can rent cars very easily. They are not as cheap as in other Mediterranean countries, but, especially in a group, it is a good thing to have a car, because taxidrivers sometimes refuse to transport more than 3 persons with luggage. With a rented car - you pay a daily fee and a charge for every kilometre you travel - you can discover the island and especially the mountains on your own. Take care, in Cyprus you drive on the left, like in Great Britain. The city is very crowded, its streets are narrow, parking is scarce and traffic is very slow.

The following agencies hire cars in Limassol:

Hertz, Budget and Avis are in Nicosia road. Here you will find also the A. Petsas Company.

Another Cyprian company, Andy Spyrou, with branches also in Pafos and Nicosia you will find in Omonia Ave. 38 - 40, Tel: (05) 371 441.

If you have reserved your car in advance, a company driver will meet you and bring you the car and keys.

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