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One of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean, Larnaca nightlife is not as active as some other tourist destinations in the area. Still, the city provides enough excitement to keep all but the extreme late-nighters happy and provides a lot of other entertainment as well. One of the key cities on the island of Cyprus, a large part of Larnaca's tourist draw comes from its history. It is one of the few places where you can go to a museum to learn about history and then walk a few blocks across town to check out some actual ruins from over 10,000 years ago. But before you get the idea that Larnaca is all stale history and no fun, remember that the modern Larnaca is one of Cyprus' main ports and is a thriving city on the coast of the Mediterranean, so there's plenty to do that doesn't involve history. Also if you want to stay in Larnaca but are worried about inadequate nightlife, just consider that Ayia Napa is a very reasonable drive away and is famous for nightlife.

Inside Larnaca

One of Larnaca's most distinctive and memorable features is the palm tree lined promenade that follows the coastline close to city center. A great place to relax or take a walk during the day, in the evening the promenade turns into the main hub of Larnaca's nightlife. Most of the bars and clubs in the city are either on or right off of the promenade. While Larnaca is not extremely well known for its nightlife, it is a major tourist destination, so it is not surprising that things can occasionally heat up, particularly during the prime tourist seasons. One thing to be aware of is that the legal drinking age in Cyprus is 17.

Outside Larnaca

If you're really looking for nightlife on Cyprus, the main place to go is Ayia Napa. Located just to the northeast of Larnaca, to get there you can just follow the coastline. Ayia Napa sees a lot of tourists, especially from England and to a lesser extent from Russia, and the nightlife will quite frequently go until the sun comes up. The main square in city center is the first place to look if you are seeking out the local nightlife; it is home to a large number of night clubs and bars.

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If travelling by car in Cyprus, it is saeentisl to buy a good road map in advance; free ones given away by the car hire companies or travel agents are not a large enough scale. This is 1:200,000 and it includes the motorways which now connect Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos. Place names are given in their alternative forms we wouldn't have known, for instance, that Nicosia is Lefkosia. The town maps are not bad, but not as good as those in the Rough Guide.

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