Getting Around in Larnaca

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Here's how to get around the town of Larnaca in Cyprus.

Renting a Car

If comfort is what you prefer or you are heading to many places or going a long distance, then a car rental would be more convenient. It can be expensive in this city, but if the cost is something you can afford, then it may be a good idea. Also, make sure the price includes the insurance.


You can always get on a taxi straight out of the airport and to get around the city if you are not willing to pay for a rental car or wait around for buses. The taxi cabs in Larnaca are nice and roomy.

Public Transportation

Although there is no train system in the island of Cyprus, the city of Larnaca does have buses. The public transportation is limited in Cyprus but Larnaca, being the most modern city on the island, has a better public bus service. If making only one trip to and from a single destination or to go back and forth from major connecting towns, this may be the more affordable way to get around. There are also mini buses near some of the hotels. The buses may be cheaper, but if you are in a rush they may not work for you.


If you do not wish to spend the extra money and don't mind exerting yourself a bit, then walking is the obvious option. This may be in fact the best option if you enjoy sightseeing and don't mind the heat.

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Larnaca Airport Taxi Transfers

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