Festivals in Larnaca

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If you're going to vacation in the Mediterranean, a great destination is the oldest city in Cyprus, Larnaca. Festivals and special events can be a great way to get something special out of your vacation. Larnaca has quite a few yearly festivals that you can go to if you time your vacation right. The Larnaca Summer Festival, the Festival of Classical Music, or the European Cultural Winter all provide opportunities to view or participate in events while you enjoy the rest of what Larnaca has to offer, from the rich history and many interesting museums to the palm tree lined coastline and  the great food.

The Larnaca Summer Festival

Usually occurring in the month of July, the Larnaca Summer Festival focuses on local dance, theater and music. Artists are drawn from both local and international talent, and it is a great opportunity to see the culture and art of the Mediterranean region. In addition to the more traditional realms of dance, music and theater, the Summer Festival also showcases art, poetry and spoken word, and experimental films. Most of the events take place either in the courtyard of Larnaca's medieval fort or at the Pattichion Amphitheater.

Larnaca Amateurs Artistic Creation

If you're trying to go to Cyprus off-season but still want to see local art, the Amateurs Artistic Creation is the festival for you. It occurs in or around the month of November every year, and is a great opportunity to see local talent in music, dance and theater. Although not as big as the Summer Festival, the special emphasis on local art ensures that you will see one-of-a-kind performances by local choirs, dancing groups and theatrical societies.

Festival of Classical Music

If you're a fan of classical music make sure to visit Larnaca in the spring so that you will be able to see the many great performances featured in Larnaca's Festival of Classical Music. Orchestras, brass bands, and smaller groups of all types descend on Larnaca from all around the Mediterranean to put on a great musical show.

European Cultural Winter

Another event for travelers trying to avoid the summer rush, the European Cultural Winter takes advantage of the colder months by providing some great in-door entertainment. Everything from ballet to jazz is showcased during this festival, with events taking place at the Municipal Theater. A great idea for a winter vacation to Cyprus.

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