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If you're looking at Larnaca cruises, you have a lot of options. The Mediterranean Ocean has long been a top spot for cruises of all sorts, because of the large number of great tourist destinations in such a manageable region, all on the coastline. As a destination, Larnaca, a coastal city on the island of Cyprus, has a lot to offer. Larnaca has been inhabited for over 6,000 years, and the city is full of history. You can see ruins that date back to 13,000 B.C. and visit lots of great museums that highlight the history of the area. Larnaca also has some great seaside shopping and nightlife on its main promenade.

Choosing a Cruise

If you're looking at cruises in the Mediterranean, it can almost seem like there are too many options to sort through. There is an abundance of top-notch tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, from Spain to Turkey, and because the Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea, all the up-and-coming tourist destinations of the Arabian Peninsula are there for the taking too. The first thing to decide is how long you want your cruise to be. Most cruises range from 6 days up to as long as a month. The longer the cruise, the more you can see and the longer you will likely be able to spend in each port. The second thing to decide is what area you want to focus on. Cyprus lies at the eastern end of the Mediterranean, so you could leave from Spain, on a 7 or 10 day cruise, with Larnaca probably being one of the last destinations before turning back to your port of departure, or you could leave from a closer port in Greece or Turkey, which would likely focus more of the cruise on the eastern Mediterranean and, maybe, the Red Sea.

Time in Larnaca

There is plenty to do while you are docked in Larnaca. If you only have a short stay, you should first explore the promenade and shop for local goods, including handmade lace and jewelry. Next, visit the ruins of Kitium, which date back to almost 13,000 B.C. and are conveniently located in the city itself. The church of St. Lazarus is another worthwhile stop. If you have more time in Larnaca, continue to explore the museums and historical sights, as they are some of the main highlights of the city.

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