Beaches in Larnaca

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Larnaca beaches attract many international tourists every year. The Cyprus Tourism Organization ensures that the beaches are equipped with all the necessary facilities. Near the beaches are changing rooms for added convenience. Equipment such as chairs and umbrellas are available for hire to ensure a comfortable visit to the beach. Cafes offer refreshments and a variety of delicious ice creams. Beach sports and water sports are available to keep you busy while on the beach. Cruises from the beach can be arranged. There are some good fishing spots but fishing with nets or any type of commercial fishing is prohibited. Organized fishing tours are available. Scuba diving is popular and there are many well known wrecks to explore. When you are taking a break from the beaches, there are many other facilities to keep you entertained, such as cinema's, museums and historical sites. When the sun goes down, the bars and lively nightlife offer a place to dance the night away. Many of the beaches have been awarded blue flag status which attests to the high quality of these beaches.

McKenzie beach has been awarded Blue Flag status. McKenzie beach is located on the outer area of the town only five minutes away from the Larnaca Airport. This beach offers an escape from the crowds as it is further out from the central area. It is a good place to go and relax in the peace and quiet of the natural surroundings. You can reach this beach by driving or by bus. There are a variety of water sports on offer with a focus on scuba diving as the conditions for scuba diving are good in this area. Other options for water sports include jet skiing and kayaking. You can hire a canoe to explore the ocean, and further out there are good spots for snorkeling. Around the beach area are restaurants that specialize in sea food dishes.


Phinikoudes is a Blue Flag beach. It is the main beach in Larnaca and it is situated near the town. Its close proximity means that the beach is often crowded as it is the most convenient to get to. The beach stretches along the ocean providing plenty of place to sit. There is a promenade next to the beach which is the perfect place to go for an evening stroll. Visitors can choose from a variety of water sports. Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for hire.


This Blue Flag beach is popular amongst visitors to Larnaca. It is a good place to relax in the sun and take refreshing swims to cool down. The beach is clean and well kept with good facilities.

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Larnaca beaches from Dekeleia to Alaminos

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Larnaca beaches are characterised by darker sand and relatively calm waters (there are a few dangerous spots that should be avoided just west of the airport).  East of the airport the beaches are quite organised, a number having been awarded Blue flags and have wavebreakers.  To the west the beaches are less organised.

Larnaca is characterised by the presence of a system of salt lakes in the west and the swamp like Voroklini lake in the east.  They usually dry out in summer, but otherwise they can be excellent for birdwatching.

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