7 Day Itinerary in Larnaca

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If you're traveling to this beautiful Cyprus city, here's a sample Larnaca itinerary to help you plan your perfect vacation. One of the key ports in the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, Larnaca is also a major tourist destination. A very old city, Larnaca has been continuously inhabited for over 6000 years, so there's plenty to do and see besides soak up the sun on the waterfront and eat fresh seafood.

Day 1

Larnaca International Airport is the major airport of Cyprus, so you will probably fly straight in. The airport is located about 6 km away from the center of the city, but you should easily be able to get in on a shuttle, bus or taxi.  On your first night go for stroll on the Larnaca promenade and pick up a night cap at one of seaside bars if you have a mind to.

Day 2

Larnaca is not a huge city, so you should be able to see a lot just by walking around, especially if you have a hotel near city center. Some sights to see inside the city include the Ayios Lazaros Church, one of the best remaining examples of Larnaca's Byzantine history, the ruins of Kition, or ancient Larnaca, some of which date back as far as the 13 century B.C.

Day 3

Time to get out of town for a bit. The nearby village of Lefkara, located in the Troodos hills to the west of Larnaca, is famous for its handmade lace and skilled silversmiths.

Day 4

To the west of Larnaca city center, not to far from the airport, you will find Larnaca's salt lake. The lake fills up with water during the winter months and dries out during the summer, leaving behind salt. Nearby you will find the Hala Sultan Tekke, which contains the tomb of the foster mother of the Prophet Mohammed.

Day 5

If you head about 20 miles out the Lefkosia-Lemesos road you will find one of the oldest Neolithic digs on the Island of Cyprus. Known as Choirokoitia, visitors to the site can explore the ancient walls, circular houses and some tombs.

Day 6

With 1 full day left in Larnaca there are plenty of things left to do and see. Go look around the Archaeological Museum and the Pierides Foundation Museum, both of which have many interesting artifacts from the region's colorful history. Other interesting museums include the Palaeontology Museum, located in the Municipal Cultural Center, and the Medieval Museum.

Day 7

Before your flight leaves, spend some more time on the Phinikoudes promenade, soaking up the atmosphere and enjoying the many excellent restaurants and shops.

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