Getting There in Cyprus

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Here is a brief Cyprus getting there guide that will provide you with useful information on convenient ways to reach Cyprus.

Remember that EU and Swiss Citizens require carrying an official ID card for entry.

By Plane

Larnaca International Airport is the main airport in Cyprus. It is situated on the border of the city. The international airport was earlier located on the Green Line which is situated between Greece and Turkey. However, it has been out of use since 1974. Cyprus Airways is the main carrier in Cyprus. Flights are connected to main European towns like Manchester, Paris, Rome and Birmingham. Scheduled flights are also available for eastern European countries. However, a minor problem is that all the non-Cyprus flights arrive and depart post midnight. Flights are also well connected to most of the major Middle Eastern capitals. Chartered flights are available to Paphos, which is the main tourist center. Flights are not available to Turkey from the south.

By Boat

Ferry services are available that connect Cyprus to Greece. Keep in mind that ferry services have been currently stopped to Egypt and Israel. Tourists can consider the option of the 2 to 3 day cruises which operate during the summers from April to October. Mini services are also available which run to places like Syria, Greek Islands and the Black Sea. Services are also available for Lebanon and Rhodes. Ferry services are also available from Greece, which runs to Rhodes and Ayios Nikolaos. Budget travelers can opt for the freighter available from countries like Italy and Portugal. Such services are also available from major European ports. Scheduled ferry service is available from Turkey.

By Railways

Railways are not an option anymore as rail services have been stopped until further notice since 2001.

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how to get there

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There are non-stop flights from all the major cities of Western and Eastern Europe with Cyprus Airways and the National airlines of the European countries.

Major gateways from Europe are: Athens, London, Manchester, Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Paris, Rome, Milan, Geneva, Zurich, Vienna, Malta, Moscow, Budapest, Sofia, Bucharest, Warsaw and Prague.

From the UK

Cyprus Airways ( is the National carrier of Cyprus.  They operate scheduled flights from London (Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted), Birmingham and Manchester to more..

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