Getting Around in Cyprus

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This Cyprus transportation guide will help you to explore the different tourist spots in Cyprus conveniently.

Public transportation is relatively poor in Cyprus. Railways are not available in the country. Some of the different available modes of transport are as follows:

By Bus

Regular bus services were started in July 2005. Earlier, interstate bus services were known for their unreliable nature. On average, bus tickets will cost you around CYP 0.80 for few kilometers, whereas the frequency is 30 minutes to 1 hour in Limassol city.

By Taxi

Shared taxi services are the most viable option to get around in Cyprus. Taxi services are available every 30 minutes. Scheduled services begin from morning 6 a.m. Remember that the taxi services end at 6 p.m. in the evening. Private taxis can also be booked to drop or pick you from any destination within the city limits. However, you will take longer to get out of the main city due to the traffic congestion. A taxi ride on average will cost you approximately $9. You will be charged extra on Sundays and other holidays.

By Car

This is certainly the most convenient mode of transportation to get around in Cyprus. It is also the most expensive one. Remember that Cypriots keep to the left hand side of the road while driving. Beware of the drivers as the driving standards are poor in Cyprus. Drivers are known for their aggressive driving and negligence towards road safety rules. The main roads do not have proper markings. Be careful while crossing roads in Cyprus.

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Airport transfers

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Getting taxis on the spot from Larnaca (LCA) or Paphos (PFO) airports can be expensive.  So if you plan ahead and book an airport transfer you can save some money at the start of your holiday.

The new offers low cost shuttle service directly to your hotel and also private taxis for any destination around Cyprus. They offer real time reservation which makes this service even more attractive for a stress-free vacation.

Car hiring provide an expensive, but more independent alternative for travel to the city and beyond. Car hiring companies are more..

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