Festivals in Cyprus

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Cyprus Festivals are celebrated at certain times of the year. Plan a trip to Cyprus during the time of year when a festival is being offered for a cultural experience. Cyprus festivals offer fun and excitement for any member of the family.

Limassol Carnival

Celebrated before the Lenten season, the festival takes place between February and March. Ten days of dancing, singing, parties, and parades line the streets in Cyprus. Colorful costumes and floats parade through the streets as serenades are played by musicians.

Travelers to Cyprus during the Carnival enjoy the rich food of the area with feasting. Meats are specially prepared during the first week of the celebration to enjoy before Lent. Cheese week features special pastries that are prepared.

Flower Festival

In May, the flower festival takes place in Cyprus. This Cyprus festival originated in Athens, Greece to honor the Greek god, Dionysus, since he also had festivals celebrating plants and nature. Flower parades and floats take to the streets in celebration of nature and its beauty. Exhibitions are also presented of different flowers and plants.

Flood Festival

The Kataklysmos takes place on Pentecost, which is on a Sunday, and on the Monday of the Holy Spirit. The tradition is to throw sea water on each other. This is believed to be purifying the spirit of the body.

Wine Festival

During September, the Cyprus Festival known as the wine festival takes place. Visitors have the opportunity to taste the best wines of Cyprus. The wine tasting is free and entertainment is provided. Choirs, folk dancing, and other groups perform.
Local food vendors offer delicious dishes to taste while enjoying the dancing and music. The wine festival attracts 15,000 tourists per year to try the wines of Cyprus.

Beer Festival

The Limassol Beer Festival is a new event that features 3 days of dancing and beer tasting. Enjoy local and imported beer from well-known names in the industry. The festival is free and beer is sold at a low price. Listen to a variety of music performed live by bands and DJ performances. Among the lineup for the varieties are rock, pop, and Latin with DJs playing dance music.
Food fit for beer includes fare from around the world. Challenge games are available for fun and other entertainment.

Berengaria International Music Festival

Limassol, Cyprus features high class musicians from around the world for four evenings in April filled with classical music. Chamber and solo musicians perform for the benefit that the Rialto Theatre in Limassol organizes. The event has free entry for some performances while others entry fees are donated to charity.


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