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Cyprus Day trips are a great fest. Cyprus, also known as Aphrodites Island, is believed to be the birth place of the Greek Goddess of Love, according to the Greek mythology. Being situated in the Far East Mediterranean region, this place invites you to be in a romantic hideaway with a temperate climate all year round. If you are planning Cyprus day trips, it’s surely going to be nothing less than an exhilarating experience for you. The following day trips are meant for the more adventurous of tourists, so if that's you, read on.


Since the 12 th century, Nicosia has been the capital city of Cyprus. Located in the heart of the Mesoria Plain, this place is presently divided by a UN buffer zone called the Green Line. This old city makes an interesting sight, with some parts being renovated while the others reflecting the Venetian charm of the 16 th century.

Agia Napa

This place, located in the southernmost shore of a peninsula that overhangs the southeast tip of Cyprus, is known to be one of the greatest dance party destinations in the world. But just a few steps ahead from the maddening crowd lies the Agia Napa Monastery, sited as a serene oasis. The town also houses several museums. Among them, the Tornaritis Pierides Museum of Marine Life, founded in 1992, makes a delightful watch. It is a splendid storehouse of the past as well as the present marine life. Another museum, Thalassa, is known to preserve the marine heritage of Cyprus is also popular among the visitors. Agia Napa is also well connected by road, rail and air. Bus services make it easy to get around.


Being the second largest city in Cyprus, this place has a lot to offer. The medieval castle in Limassol is a true delight in itself. The visitors can witness several wood carvings and cannons of the 17 th and 18 th century along with statues, suits of armour, terracotta, coins, metalware, pottery, and more relics. The Folk Art Museum is another interesting place to visit. It is a storehouse of an amazing compilation of Cypriot Folk Art. The Public Garden is a mesmerizing sight where visitors can gaze upon pine, eucalyptus and cypress trees. 

Cyprus Jeep Safaris

Jeep safari Day Trip in Cyprus is an extraordinary experience, particularly for those who are fond of adventure and risk taking. You can travel with a 4-wheel drive Land Rover Defender to losely observe the less accessible hotspots of the island. Troodos Jeep Safaris will take you through treacherous hills and green valleys and across Kouris, the biggest dam on the island. Opting for the Akamas Jeep safari, you can explore the strange land of Akamas. You can observe the Byzantine ruins that are enveloped by rare flowers, exotic birds, and enchanting landscapes.

Ayia Napa is a premier vacation destination known for its stunning beaches and party atmosphere. Easily reachable by airplane and car, this picturesque location boasts many hotels and other lodging to ensure that your stay on this lively island will be met with comfort and class. Known for both family travel and a serious nightlife, visitors toAyia Napa have a wide range of hotel options in every price range.

Budget Hotels in Ayia Napa

Tasia Maris Beach Hotel is a great value, starting at just $60 a night. With a relaxing sea view, clean rooms and good service, this budget hotel is a top notch establishment. Featuring both great food and entertainment, this is one of the highest rated budget offerings in the city.

The New Famagusta Hotel is another good budget hotel in Ayia Napa. Rooms here start at $75 a night and the hotel is definitely a great value for the cost. Featuring clean and basic rooms, this is a great place to stay if you plan on being out on the town and spending little time in your hotel.

Moderate Hotels in Ayia Napa

Of the moderately priced set of hotels, the Grecian Park Hotel is a nice offering starting at just $130 per night. Tastefully decorated, clean and comfortable rooms here create a lovely setting for your vacation getaway. Situated outside of theAyia Napa center, staying at this hotel requires a little more in transport costs, but buses and taxis are widely available.

The Grecian Sands Hotel is another top selection among moderately priced options with rooms starting at $150 a night. Great ocean views, a super friendly staff and a lovely private beach are just some of the great features of this hotel.

Luxury Hotels in Ayia Napa

Complete with a stunning pool, several restaurants, clean rooms and great service, The Grecian Bay Hotel leads the pack of luxury priced hotels inAyia Napa with rooms starting around $260. There is a beautiful garden here that is perfect for pictures and the gym, spa and massage services offered here are top notch.

Napa Mermaid Hotel and Suites is one of the top rated resorts in the city for a relaxing vacation. With rooms starting at $180 a night, amenities here are lavish with the most notable being the incredible food. Situated a 5 minute walk from the beach and 10 minutes from the city center, this is a great location and well worth the extra cost.

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Cyprus Day Trip

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Cyprus Day Trips are indeed fascinating experiences whether you choose a Guided Tour or a Boat trip or a more adventurous Jeep Safari. Cyprus is a fragmented island nation in the Mediterranean, and has for long remained an exquisite holiday retreat and a dream destination for most Europeans. Tourists who are in need of something romantic, can opt for a night tour that would include live music and dancing as well as a traditional Cypriot meal. Cyprus Guided Tour You can either join a Guided Day Tour of Cyprus or undertake a self-guided Cyprus tour. There is a plethora of guided more..

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