Getting Around in Asia

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There are many options for Indonesia transportation. If you are traveling around just one island in Indonesia, then you can get by with buses. It’s a good idea to buy tickets in advance and double-check the place of departure. Minibuses and tourist shuttles are also an option.


If you want to island hop, you can choose to go by sea or by plane, depending on the time you have available. Merpati and Garuda airlines offer domestic flights, and then there are the smaller carriers of Mandala and Bouraq. Check your reservation directly with the airline and arrive at the airport on time so that your seat doesn’t get sold.


If you choose to travel by sea, the options are many. Pelni is the state shipping line and offers routes that connect almost all the islands. There’s also the option of taking cargo freights or any other boat that you can come across and arrange transportion with. Some ports are served daily, but others may see ships only every two weeks or even once a month. Be sure to check the schedule before choosing your destination.

Cars and Mopeds

Any of the main tourist areas will have vehicles for rent for people with international driver’s licenses. Mopeds can be found wherever there are tourists, except for on the very small islands, where travel is usually done by foot or donkey-cart. Remember that Indonesians drive on the left side of the road.


In cities, minibuses are widely used, as well as motorbikes and cycle rickshaws. The fares are set for minibuses (tourists get overpriced), but you’ll have to negotiate prices for motorbike and rickshaw rides.

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