Eating Out in Asia

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Asian food has a good reputation and deserves it. A journey through the countries of Asia is always a culinary experience. From Falafel and Humus in the Middle East, via Nasi Goreng & Peking Duck to Sushi in Japan.

Thailand has some great culinary specialities. The combination of spicey and fresh makes the Thai cuisine a treat for travelers, check the Thailand section for more info.

Chinese cooking can be found everywhere in the world - but the best place to get it is of course China itself. A trip to China will help you distinguish between the kitchen of Beijing (hot), Guangzhou a.k.a Cantonese, (very hot) and Sichuan Province (extremely hot).

Japan offers sushi (raw fish), tepanyaki (cook prepares food on your table) and many more exquisite things you will not find anywhere else. Have a cup of Sake with it, and you are sure to enjoy yourself.

The Indonesian cuisine is great and mostly quite cheap. You can order a rice table with 20 different plates for less than 10 dollar almost anywhere in Indonesia. Vegetarians will find the Indonesian kitchen quite a treat as well.

The Middle East has a great variety of tastes. Humus, Falafel and Kebab are the best known examples of Middle East cooking.

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