Festivals in Asia

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Ipoh festivals include festivals that exhibit the locals' culture, way of life and faith. These festivals are among the reasons for visiting the place.

Commemorating the Great Chinese Poet

Dumpling festival is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month to commemorate Qu Yuan, the greatest Chinese poet and patriot who fought against a corrupt government. He showed his protest by drowning himself in a river. His body was not recovered, so the people started throwing dumplings in the river so the fish would have something to eat instead of his body. During the Dumpling Festival, the Chinese people make different kinds of dumplings and offer prayer to their ancestors.

Ipoh’s New Year

Spring Festival is the other name of Chinese New Year. This is the most significant celebration for the Chinese people. Since approximately 70 percent of Ipoh's population is of Chinese descent, this is an important festival in Ipoh. The sparkling and magnificent fireworks start in Ipoh at midnight which signals the beginning of the Chinese New Year. This is the time when families reunite with each other. On the day of the festival, they give gifts to their relatives and friends. Also, they prepare the most delicious food and invite some people to come over to their houses for dinner.



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