Cruises in Asia

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Indonesia cruises let you see exotic, tropical islands all over Indonesia. In fact, this is the best way to travel all over Indonesia. There are a lot of cruises that you can embark on to enjoy an island hopping experience, and one of these cruises is offered by the Katharina Schooner.

The Katharina Schooner

This high class cruise ship offers different destinations around Indonesia, but three of the most popular places are the Denpasar, Banda and Manuk--all in eleven days. The cruise leaves from the harbor of Ambon City in the heat of the day to travel to the different interesting islands around Indonesia.

The Katharina Schooner Itinerary

The cruise lets you fill your senses with the interesting sights of the islands surrounding Indonesia. The first stop is on the Ai Island, where you are allowed to disembark the ship and tour the village in the island, which is famous for making and exporting spices since the 17th century. Day trips around the island are also arranged by the staff of the cruise.

The next island to visit is Manuk, where you can see thousands of sea birds called frigatebirds and gannets. Strolling on the shore of Manuk is also allowed before you pack up and head home to Denpasar. While heading home, the ship makes various stops in the different coastal villages so that guests will be able to immerse themselves on the unique village life of the many islands in Indonesia.

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