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Chardzhou, also known as Turkmenabat, is located in one of the territories of Turkmenistan. Although you won’t find too many upscale hotels in Chardzhou, you will find plenty of mid-priced hotels in and around Turkmenistan. If you’re visiting Turkmenistan for this first time, you’re better off hiring a tour guide. You will also need to make necessary travel arrangements, which include a short stay transit visa, to get into the country. To prevent delays at the airport and to pass through immigration without any hiccups, arrange for your visa before entering the country. You will also have to pay US $12, upon entry, to obtain a departure card. Keep this card in a safe place, as you will require it when exiting Turkmenistan. The country has plenty of interesting places to visit and things to do. If you’ve hired a travel agent, you will be able to find out more about different hotels in Chardzhou and the types of services they offer. But if you want to make hotel reservations on your own, consider staying at a hotel in Ashgabat.

Accommodations in Turkmenistan

Some of the well known hotels in Turkmenistan include the Hotel Nissa, the Grand Hotel Turkmen & Casino, the President Hotel and the Ak Altyn Plaza Hotel. Out of these hotels the Grand Hotel Turkmen is one of the more sophisticated places to stay at. Basic air conditioned rooms feature private baths, direct-line telephones and mini-bars, while the suites feature Jacuzzi’s and plenty of additional amenities. A basic room would cost you anything between $60 and $90. The price for a room in other hotels is similar. Once you’ve settled into your hotel, you must visit some of the popular tourist attractions in Turkmenistan.

Why Travel Here

There are numerous historic sites that are worth a visit. The Mary Ethnographical Museum is home to some astounding archeological finds, as is the Turkmen History museum. You could also pass by several historic sites like Abiverd, Dekhistan, Keri, and the Geok-Depe Fortress.  Turkmenistan is renowned for its collection of exquisite carpets. You might find some carpet shops at your hotel, where you would be able to get an antique carpet at a bargain price. But if you buy carpets from such shops or establishments, you will have to acquire an export permit. If you do have some time on hand, you could instead visit the Carpet Factory on Liebknecht Street. You’ll get to witness the making of these carpets and you won’t require an export permit if you choose to purchase a few rugs from this factory.  If you’re looking for adventure, take a camel tour in the Kara Kum Desert, or go hiking in Nokhur. After all that sightseeing, seat yourself down at one of the local restaurants to sample some authentic Turkmenistan fare.


You will not only find typical Russian cuisine, but you could also savor a few Asian dishes in most restaurants. You’re better off drinking bottled water when in Turkmenistan, and if you choose to buy any fruits from the local market, make sure you peel them before eating them. 

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