Dushanbe Travel Guide

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Dushanbe is the capital and largest city in Tajikistan. Originally, this city was only a small village famous for its Monday Market since the late 17th Century. The name “Dushanbe” means ‘Monday’ and is a tribute to its origins. The city is located below the Hissar mountain range in the valley of the Varzob River.

As it becomes an increasingly more popular tourist destination, finding accommodation to fit your itinerary only requires a little research. You will be able to find both luxury and budget Dushanbe hotels to suit your needs.

Museum of Antiquities

Dushanbe is a beautiful city with an old world charm. Both its streets and buildings give the region's visitors a sense of its past glory. The best way to get a glimpse of the city’s past is to visit the Museum of Antiquities. This is one of the biggest attractions of the city.

Architectural Monuments

For people who appreciate good architecture, Dushanbe has a lot to offer. There are over 60 architectural monuments across the city and most of them are dated between 1930 and 1990. These monuments are well maintained and the City Administration conducts periodic maintenance and reconstruction projects.

The most important architectural wonders in the city are the Opera and Ballet Theater, Ismail Somoni Monument, Mirzo Tursunzade Mausoleum and the Firdowsi library which houses a collection of medieval Islamic manuscripts.

Prospekt Rudaki

Apart from this, there are many interesting buildings to be found in the Prospekt Rudaki. This is the name given to the Dushanbe region that runs from North to South between the Railway Station and the Bus Station. This area is home to the city’s main mosque, a 19th Century synagogue, a Russian Church and an opera house.

Tajik Market

Most tourists visiting Dushanbe will enjoy a visit to the Tajik Market to buy souvenirs and gifts for people. This market is located on the road leading to the old Hissar Fort. Here you can find anything from vegetables to jewellery, cotton, furniture and even some exquisite hand-made carpets. The market scene is incredibly picturesque with women clothed in long, colorful robes (Kurta, Shelwar and Sheraz) and men wearing beautifully embroidered skullcaps (Taqi).


When in Dushanbe, do not forget to pay a visit to Chaikhana, which are the traditional Tajik teahouses. This is where the locals traditionally drink their tea, or come to meet people and enjoy a cup of tea and the latest local gossip. You can expect to find tea and sweets being served at all Chaikhanas; some of them even serve rice and kababs.


When in the city, it is important to be careful of your belongings and person after you have left your Dushanbe hotel. Women in particular are subject to some amount of harassment by the locals. Traveling alone at night is not advised.

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