Ulaanbaatar Travel Guide

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Welcome to Chinggis Tourist Traditional Ger Camp

Welcome to Chinggis Tourist Traditional Ger Camp

Cristo Camilo

Ulaanbaatar (Ulan Bator) is the capital city of Mongolia. The name means Red Hero in the Mongolian language. At 1,350 meters above sea level, almost 5000 feet, Ulaanbaatar sits in a basin surrounded by four mountains: Bogdh Khan, Songino Khairkhan, Chingeltei and Bayanzurkh. These mountains are part of the beautiful and pristine Khan Khentii mountain range. Ulaanbaatar's climate is sharply continental and experiences great extremes. Temperatures fluctuate between +38 degrees C in summer and -49 degrees C in winter.

One third of the entire population of Mongolia lives in the capital, approx. around 1 million. High rise apartments, crowded suburbs, chaotic traffic are in stark contrast to the quiet, simple life of the countryside. In Ulaan Baatar you can find western standard hotels, a variety of restaurants, good art and history museums and a friendly and open populace.

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