Khatgal Travel Guide

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Local Bonda Lake Camp offers various of tours such are nature and cultural tours to the adventures featured on fishing,hiking,winter tours,explore nature and visit 5 Nomad nationality, horse back riding,visiting reindeer herders and Darhad valley. These tours will be running through the most favourite and unexplored remote places to discover.We have started our most famous horsetrips since 1993 in Khovsgol region.Lake Khovsgol is land of great beauty, is a sacred place for the locals, who refer to it as the name of "Mother", and is appointed by the Mongolian "Blue pearl of Mongolia" because its very pure water as clear as a mountain stream, and its depth.Through a horse riding,you have chance discover with us the lake Khovsgol north of Mongolia and its beautiful waters, then heading north to go to the meeting Tsataan, nomadic, reindeer herders, living in teepees in the north of Khovsgol area. This region is itself a marvel, perched at 1645 m altitude in a green mountains, covered with thick pine forests and lush meadows with grazing yaks and horses, and wildlife are a rich: the lake has a 9 species of fish and its surroundings are full of sheep, goats, elk and more than 430 species of birds.There is 5 different Mongolian nationailty. Its Khalh,Darhad,Buriad,Hotgoid,Urianhai.

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