Khentii Travel Guide

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Khentii is known for the majestic Khentii Mountains, from where the region gets its name. It is also considered to be one of the more scenic provinces or aimags in Mongolia and is the alleged birth place of Genghis Khan. Öndörkhaan is the capital of Khentii and is about 290 kilometers away from the Ulan Bator region. This province is also home to Burkhan Khaldun, which is the supposed site of the tomb of Genghis Khan.

Those looking for an unusual holiday location would do well to consider Khentii as a destination.  

Explore the Khentii Mountains

Khentii has a lot to offer visitors to Mongolia starting with its National Park. Visitors to the Khentii National Park will be able to spot a variety of Mongolian wildlife including bears, deer and antelope, as well as a range of plant life. Travelers can take a tour of the Khentii Mountains on horseback while trekking tours are available for those who would prefer to go on foot.

Visit Ikh Aurug

Another popular tourist attraction in Khentii is the former location of Genghis Khan’s palace Ikh Aurug. This is also the site of a monument to the historical tome The Secret History of the Mongols, since this opus was completed at this spot.

Fish at the Tsogt Chanmana Uul

Rich with water resources, the Khentii area is not only the source of three important rivers – River Tuul, River Kherlen and River Onon, but is also home to what is known as the ‘watershed of the world’ at the Tsogt Chandmana Uul. As there are over seventy rivers here, fishing has become a much appreciated sport. Anglers can try to catch one of the world’s biggest freshwater fish, the Taimen, which can be as long as 1.5 meters.  

The Avraga River Valley is famous for its mineral spring and the Gurvan Nuur Rashaan lake in Dadal Soum, which is believed to have medicinal properties. There is a health resort here for tourists who would like to take advantage of the region’s natural springs and waters.

Discover Öndörkhaan

The capital of the province, Öndörkhaan, is home to an Ethnic Museum, where visitors can gain an understanding of the region’s culture and history. Ondorkhaan also boasts a number of interesting monasteries, including the Dashdeejetliin Kiid and the rebuilt Gundgavirlan Monastery.

Other tourist attractions in Khentii include ancient stone pictures, 13th and 14th century ruins, the Stone Walls of the Kidan Dynasty, the Oglogch and Hajuu Balug walls, and Hermen-zam.


Travelers looking for accommodation in the Khentii region will be able to find good hotels in Ulaanbaatar. Some options to consider include the five-star Chinggis Khaan Hotel, the three-star Hotel Mongolia, the Ulaanbaatar Hotel and the Terelj International Resort and Spa Hotel in the Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.
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