Western Mongolia Travel Guide

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According to historians, Mongolian Eagle hunting tradition is believed to originate in Central Asia some 6000 years ago and later on be adopted in Europe and other countries. 13th century historical chronicles relay records of Kublai Khan's lavish hunting trips in autumn and winter involving thousands of people and horses. Falconers alone numbered more than 5,000.

Today, this old tradition is widely practiced particularly among Kazakhs of Bayan Ulgii province which now boasts more than 200 members of the Berkut Association. Since 2000, they organize the Eagle Festival on the first Sunday and Monday in October. It has certainly become one of the widely acclaimed tourist attractions in Mongolia today.

The admission with photography is $30 and $50 if you are taking video. There is a smaller Eagle Festival held in Sagsai village just couple of days before the main event. Lots of tourists from all over the country flock to watch how these eagles hunt down live foxes and wolves. it is an official tournament for Mongolian Eagle hunters, so there are no set ups.

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