Getting There in Ust-Kamenogorsk

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If you are going from Almaty or Astana take a train going to the Zashchita Station (it is the major station in Ust-Kamenogorsk). People often don’t realize that the Ust-Kamenogorsk Station is just a small station where trains might stop for 5 minutes or they might not. Zashchita is the final stop for many trains and you will have enough time to deal with your luggage and will be able to get a taxi to the hotel.

Please don’t go alone, have someone in the compartment to look after your baggage. If you are going in winter, have something warm ready, because trains might be cold. Even if it is in summer, take a warm jacket just in case if you have to travel overnight. Taking food, water, and toilet paper with you on your trip will make your trip perfect.


There are planes going from other major cities. Tickets are not very expensive, but you are only allowed 20 kilograms of baggage (carry-on included), you will have to pay for overweight, which is about a dollar for a kilogram.


I wouldn’t recommend taking a long trip on a bus. The seats don’t have a lot of legroom, the buses are not air-conditioned and don’t have bathrooms. There are cafes and cafeterias on the way, but you should always be cautious where you buy food. In winter, it is better to go by train or plane because of snow.


Cars are faster and more expensive than buses or trains with almost the same conditions. A car may save you several hours on a long trip. However, never take a car to or from the city in winter since it may snow.

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