Top 5 Must Do's in Kazakhstan

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Almaty is the former capital of the country of Kazakhstan and is also the most populated city in this country. There are Almaty must do’s that tourists are recommended to do while here. The population is almost 2 million people. Even though the capital city was changed from this city to Astana, the city is always referred to as the southern capital city. This is also the most beautiful city in this great country. The city also boasts of its rich history which does not date back a very long time ago. It was founded in the year 1954 by the Russians in the valley of Almaty, and it was at first a fort. The location of the city is on the mountains of Tien Shan at the altitude of 1500 to 2000 meters above the sea level.

Buying Carpets

This is among the Almaty must do’s and it involves buying carpets which are famous.  These Bukhara carpets are the most exciting things that you can bring back from the Almaty. There are also the real Bukhara carpets which are red in color and made from wool. The look of the carpets is mosaic with characteristic lines of ‘guls.’ The carpets are not found in the bazaar but in the museums.

Zenkov Museum

This is another example of Almaty must do’s. You can’t leave Almaty without having visited this place. It is a beautiful Russian Orthodox cathedral which sits amid rose gardens at the center of Panfilov Park. This structure is very colorful and it was built from wood. The amazing thing about it is that when it was been built there was no single nail that was used.

Charyn Canyon

Most of the time, this place is regarded to as the Kazak Colorado though it is not as impressive as the original one. This place is, however, worth visiting.  You can decide to have a helicopter trip through to place for a fair price. This place is located at 175 km east of Almaty.  

Zelyony Bazaar

This is the largest and most crowded market with hundreds of stalls offering everything that is to be offered. It ranges from the fruits to the vegetables and all the items that are found in the market.

Kolsai Lakes

They are located in the northern part of Tien Shan in the Zaili Alatau ridge. These are 3 picturesque mountain lakes. The lakes are surrounded with alpine meadows and mountain pastures.

Almaty, Kazakhstan is a destination for all travelers.

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