Karagandy Travel Guide

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Karagandy is the second big city in Kazakhstan after Almaty. The name of the city "karagandy" which means "black" was called so becouse of the coal industry. Karagandy has  become a title of city in February 1932. Karagandy is called to be the city of students, there are  some very important universities in Kazakhstan like Karagnada State Unuversity named after Buketov, Karaganda State Technical University, Karaganda State Medical Academy and many others. Karaganda is administrative centre of the biggest region in Kazachstan. There are other very important locations in Karaganda region like Balchash with copper-smelting works, Zheskasgan and Satbayev with the richest natural minerals, the title of  town Satpayev was called after the Honoured Academician Kanysh Satpayev.  Baikonur  Cosmodrome is also situated in Karaganda Region.
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