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Atyrau is the most common place in Kazakhstan for foregn oil workers to arrive from Europe. From there most travel onwards to Tengiz,Karachaganach or Aktau. You will find all companies have representatives in Atyrau but most have their main facilities in Aktau. This is a thriving city that has benifited from the development of the oil field of Kashagan which lies just 20 minutes off the coast by helicopter. Most expatriates can be seen in bars and nigh clubs such as O'Neils, Guns and Roses, 5 continents, Stamford, East West and La Cabana. Try and stick to these places as others can be unsafe, especially if alone.The women are also out for a good time, if you like Russian or Kazak looking girls then this is the place to be with a population of 7 to 1 you can't go wrong. Most would make the brittish super model looking average with most be in the region of 20 to 30 years old and all looking for a better life.

Be aware of the local police who are corrupt and will do anything to make a fast buck. Take taxis to and from hotels and never walk the streets after dark as the police can be akward at times to say the least. Most locals are quite friendly but can also be jealous of foreigners with cash in their pockets so be warned.

The weather is also extreme, going from +45C in the summer to -50C in the winter, must be some kind of record for the largest temperature swing.

Overall not the worst place to work if you belong to the oilfield but just use some common sense and don't go with the many prostitutes that are available everywhere to keep safe

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