Getting Around in Astana

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The Astana transportation network is very well-developed and offers plenty of transportation options. If you are visiting Astana, you can make use of these transport options.

Public Transport

The public transport in Astana consists of buses and minibus taxis. There are over 40 bus lines served by more than 1000 vehicles, with over 3000 people working in the public transport sector. Just like buses, minibus taxis have their own predefined routes and work on a shared basis. There is a total of 9 minibus taxi routes. All public transport vehicles are in good technical condition and very reliable as a form of transport. They are maintained by 14 different private companies. However, ticket prices are the same for all of them. A bus ticket costs $0.40 and a minibus taxi ticket costs $0.45.

Taxi Services

Taxi services are also a popular way of transportation in Astana. The usual taxi rate is about $1 per kilometer. However, taxi transfers from the airport to the center of the city are usually much more expensive, with prices reaching $20. You should negotiate that with the drivers. They will lower the price down to $10, which is much more reasonable. In addition to the official taxis, you can literally stop any regular car on the street by waving your hand and ask the driver to take you to a desired destination. This is a usual practice in the city, and it is much cheaper than the regular taxi transport. The only issue may be safety, so you might want to go with the regular taxis.

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