When to Go in Almaty

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This Almaty when to go guide will help travelers decide which is the best time for them to visit the city.

Before planning a trip to Almaty, tourists should know that this city experiences extreme temperatures. Summers tend to be very hot and winters are always freezing.


Most tourists choose to visit Almaty during the summer season. Generally, temperatures in summer rise very high and reach about 32 degrees Celsius and even higher on some days. However, night time temperatures are low, so it becomes much cooler. This usually offers tourists a good reprieve from the heat during the day. The amount of sunshine that Almaty gets in a year is high. It usually measures to about 1596 hours of sunshine in the year. The city also witnesses about 151 days that are free of frost, making it a favorable place for tourism and sports.


During winter, temperatures in Almaty can drop extremely low. The average temperature during this time is about -9 C in the day and it usually gets colder by 30 degrees, which is approximately -26 C in the night. While winters can bring the bitter cold, this time of the year is perfect for those who love winter sports. Tourists who enjoy skiing will find that Almaty offers the perfect skiing conditions from November to April. However, tourists should know that snow levels and precipitation are mostly low even during mid winter. The good news though is that Chimbulak now has snow canons that make conditions for skiing much more consistent than before.

In addition to the fluctuations in temperature during the seasons in Almaty, fluctuations are also experienced during the day and night. Residential areas in the south of the city are at altitudes of 1520-1750 meters above sea level. This includes the Kamensky Plateau and the Medau Tract, where you can experience the cold from Mountain Arctic’s glaciers. On the other hand, you can feel the heat coming from Kaskelen Moyunkuins on streets that go towards the north, from 500 meters high towards the steppe and semi-desert.

Almaty also experiences heavy rainfall for a few months after the winter season. April and May are two months that experience the most rainfall. It is mostly at this time that the city receives about a third of its annual precipitation. August and September, on the other hand, are considered the driest months in the year. This is because Almaty receives an average of about 30 mm of precipitation during this time.

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