Things to do in Almaty

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Here is an Almaty things to do guide that will help visitors make the most of their trip to this city.

Cathedral of Holy Ascension

This is an architectural landmark and one of the most famous places in the city. It is also one of the eight unique wooden buildings in the world. The Cathedral of Holy Ascension was designed by A.Zenkov and built in 1904-1907. The wall paintings on the inside are by Nikolai Khludov. This strikingly beautiful structure is about 50 meters in height and managed to withstand the severe earthquake that shook the city in 1910. During the Soviet period, the Cathedral of Holy Ascension was used as a museum, but reopened for services in 1997.

Arasan Baths

Tourists who want to pamper themselves in Almaty should visit the Arasan Baths, which are situated in the city’s central bath house. There are three kinds of baths visitors can choose from: Finnish, Turkish and Russian. The Finnish bath is dry while the Russian one includes lotsof steam. These two share a plunge pool and visitors can try both on one single ticket. The Turkish bath has a plunge pool and stone platforms that are heated at three different temperatures. Visitors can also indulge in different kinds of massages offered at these baths.

Medeu Dam

For something more exciting and beautiful, visiting Almaty’s Medeu Dam is a good option. Located around 15 km south of the city, this dam has been standing for four decades and blocks the Medeu Valley. The Medeu Dam was built in 1996 and is around 6,200 feet above sea level. Tourists can reach the top of Medeu Dam either by climbing up a series of steps or by driving to the top. The special feature of this dam is that it was built to stop mud slides rather than water. Visiting the dam on a clear day will give tourists a spectacular view of snow capped mountains that tower over the city.

Bolshoe Almatinskoe Lake

Adventurous tourists looking for something exciting to do should take an excursion to the Bolshoe Almatinskoe Lake. Situated a few kilometers into the southern mountains of Almaty, the lake is actually a result of damming a stream in the mountains to provide the city with water. A combination of hiking and public transport will get tourists to this lake, which offers a beautiful Alpine scenery. Ensure that you visit the lake when it is full, as it offers a lovely place to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Besides these, Almaty has a number of museums and other sights like the Panfilov Park and Gorky Park that tourists can visit to make their trip to Almaty more enjoyable.

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