Sights in Almaty

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Almaty sights range from natural attractions to man-made structures. Almaty is an economic hub and as the previous capital of the region, it is a large city. According to legend the modern city is built on the ruins of an ancient city. Burial sites, golden handicrafts and artifacts have been found in the area. Almaty was once a frontier fort which was then developed into a city.

Kok Tobe

Kok Tobe is located in the southeast, on the outskirts of the city. Kok Tobe is a mountain and from this area you can see views over the city. The area is magnificent at night when views over the city are illuminated by the city lights. There are view points set up for the convenience of visitors. Restaurants provide meals and refreshments. An entertainment center is situated on the mountain. The amusement park offers a fun-filled day for the whole family. Kok Tobe can be reached by aerial tramway from Hotel Kazakhstan.  The mountain can also be reached by cable car which goes over beautiful gardens.

Almaty Tower

Alamaty Tower is located on Kok Tobe and can be seen throughout the city. Construction on the Almaty Tower began in 1975, and it is built out of steel and is designed to withstand earthquakes. It is in use as a television transmitter tower. It has a height of 371.5 meters, making it the tallest steel tower in the world. There are viewpoints on the tower but these are not open to visitors.

Chimbulak Ski Resort

Chimbulak Ski Resort is located 2200 meters above sea level. Chimbulak can be reached by road. The drive will take you past Medeu Skating Rink. The trip takes approximately 40 minutes out of peak traffic times. A cable-way takes guests to Talagar Pass where there is a ski run. On weekends and holidays the resort is busy as it is popular among locals. There are restaurants, cafes and shops. A lack of snow coverage sometimes causes problems for skiing. Many visitors use the lifts to go higher into the mountain to enjoy the spectacular views.

Butakovka Gorge

Butakovka Gorge offers scenic views and it is accessible by road. In the area is a waterfall which is 1860 meters high. The natural surroundings contain an abundance of wildlife. There is a sports and tourist center. The area offers an escape from the crowds of the city. Visitors can hike up to Big Almaty Lake.

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28 Panfilov Guardsmen Park

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Located just across from the Otrar Hotel. The park fathers the Glory Memorial with its Eternal Flame and the Memorial Lane . The Lane is lined with stone pedestals with names of 28 guardsmen who gave their lives in the Moscow battle during the War 2.

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The Green Bazaar

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The Central Market, otherwise known as the Green Bazaar, brings to life the finest traditions of the Asian bazaar. This is not just a market, but a meeting-place of various Asian cultures in miniature. You can sample the  produce grown throughout Central Asia. The fruit and vegetables at the Green Bazaar are good value in summer. There is a wide range of fruit and vegetables troughout the year.   

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address:Zelyony bazaar: Zhibek Zholy, corner of Pushkina

Arasan Baths

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Almaty’s central bathhouse is situated in a large, impressive dome-shaped building opposite Panfilov Park . Three types of bath are available at Arasan: Russian, Finnish and Turkish. The Finnish bath is dry while the Russian version is a sea of steam. The Turkish bath consists of stone platforms heated to three different temperatures and a plunge pool. Various kinds of massage are on offer.

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address:Aiteke Bi, cnr of Kunayeva

Central (Gorky) Park

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Almaty’s largest recreational area, is still known as Gorky Park. It has boating lakes, funfair rides, a zoo, several cafes, shashlyk and beer stands.  

It’s busiest on Sunday and holidays. Trolleybus No 1, 12 and run along Gogol to the entrance from anywhere in the central area.  

Small entrance fee.

Almaty Zoo is located here, home to 4,000 animals, including endangered species of Kazakhstan such as the Tien-shan bear, striped hyena, Turkestan lynx, pink pelican and black stork.

Opening hours 10am-5pm Mon-Sun. Tel. 91 37 19

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tel:30 84 52,30 61 11
openingHours:9am-9pm Mon-Sun
address:at the eastern end of Gogol, 1 km from the Hotel Otrar

Zenkov Cathedral in the 28 Panfilov Guardsmen Park

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Svyato-Voznesenski Orthodox Cathedral, designed by a local architect A.Zenkov, was built in 1904. It is one of the eight most unique wooden buildings in the world. Its wall paintings, screens and interior decorations strike one’s imagination with its beauty and splendor. Of special interest is the fact that it survived the 1911 earthquake with a magnitude of 10 on Richter scale.

No entrance fee. Open 24 hours a day.

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Central mosque

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It was founded in July, 1999.

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address:Mametov & PushkinMametov & Pushkin

Republic Square (Respublika Alangy)

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Large square in southern Almaty. It has a pillar with a Golden Man statue. At the base there's a palm print from the not-so-humble President Nazarbayev. If you put your hand there they say your wish will come true...

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address:Satpayev, between Furmanov and Zheltoksan

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