Senior Travel in Almaty

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Almaty senior travel can truly be a tour to remember. This city, which is the largest in Kazakhstan, offers historical sites dating back centuries.

Almaty Museums

This city has numerous museums worth visiting. The Archaeology Museum offers various ancient findings dug up and preserved here. Another museum is the Central State Museum, where you will learn the history of the people of Kazakhstan. For art lovers, the Fine Arts Museum will allow you to view old and new paintings from local and international artists.

The Geological Museum caters to history lovers, with exhibits showing the geography of this land. From there, visitors can move on to the Museum of Books, where they will enjoy viewing all kinds of books from years back. Lastly, Museum of Instruments (musical instruments) holds all kinds of Kazakhstan music instruments as well as history lessons about their cultural song and dance.

Holy Ascension Cathedral

Almaty senior travel should definitely include visiting the Holy Ascension Cathedral--the world's largest--built entirely from wood. It is best to plan a visit during the evening to experience this holy place.


This large area is covered with floral vegetation that is very beautiful and rare. Seniors traveling here will also get a  chance to see wild animals, reptiles, and exotic birds. They can also find fascinating ancient inscriptions and drawings in the various caves, which used to be ritualistic and sacred places for the Almaty people.

There are also the graves used during the 11th-10th century B.C. In early third century B.C., nomads used to stay here, and many archeological findings can now be seen. 

Panfilov Park

Visit this park which has a war memorial and an old orthodox cathedral. Seniors can relax on the park grounds and enjoy music from music students practicing on Kazakhstan playing instruments. The park has beautiful trees, and there is also a statue that is great for having pictures taken.

Shopping Bazaars

These bazaars are a great opportunity for seniors to buy those cultural gifts to take home with them or give to relatives. Zelzony Bazaar is the place to get handmade crafts and local jewelry. Go to Green Bazaar to sample local food fruits and cuisines.

Chinmbulak Ski Resort

Located in Tien Shan in mountains, this breathtaking place is a must-visit. Seniors don't have to go skiing here; it is a wonderful place to simply view the beautiful sites, take a ride on the ski lifts, or have photographs taken. This resort also has a restaurant and several souvenir shops. Seniors can watch people as they enjoy themselves on the skating rig. They can also decide to spend the night there, as there is a hotel with all necessary facilities available.

Almaty senior travel will give you a feeling of what Kazakhstan is all about.

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