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If you are planning to visit Almaty, one of Central Asia’s treasured places, this Almaty Practical Information guide will give you some valuable information. People in Kazakhstan are very friendly, so you should have a pleasant, trouble-free stay in Almaty.


The currency used in Almaty is the Tenge and the currency code is KZT. It will be wise to carry travelers' checks while visiting Almaty. You can cash these checks at the airport or at any of the banks. When leaving Almaty, it is advisable to change all Kazakhstan currency back to your local currency at the airport. One US dollar is about Tenge 147.

Passport and Visa Requirements

Since Almaty is part of Kazakhstan, this city is very strict about passport and visa requirements. If you want to enter this country you must obtain a Kazakhstan visa.  If you plan to travel from one city to another, you must obtain a transit visa. If you have an invitation from an individual or group sponsorship, you can apply for a multiple entry visa. With regards to your passport, you must register it at the time of crossing borders and you must carry your passport around as a proof of identification. You will also be required to fill in a customs declaration form and a landing form at the airport. The forms are in several languages and can be found in the passport control area. You can also make use of the multilingual kiosk, but manually filling in the form is faster.

Customs and laws

Kazakhstan and Almaty have strict regulations when it comes to importing and exporting. You must completely declare all your expensive and valuable belongings upon arrival to avoid fines and extra fees. You can export $3000 worth of Kazakhstan’s currency without any declaration or certification; however, you cannot leave the country with more currency than what you have declared upon your arrival.

Emergency Numbers

Almaty citizens are very hospitable and friendly, however it is recommended not to travel alone especially at night. In case of emergency dial these numbers:

  • Fire Services: 101                                       
  • Police: 102                                                   
  • Ambulance: 103
  • Emergency Rescues: 112


The water is Almaty is relatively safe. However, it is advisable to boil the water before you drink it. The other option is getting bottled water. You can pick up either “Sary-Agash” or “Tassay” and these will cost you much less than other bottled water. It would also be advisable to keep a bottle of two with you when you go out.

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